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Medoran Chronicles Casting (Part 1)

I’m kind of obsessed with the Medoran Chronicles and really want a tv series or movie made out of it. So, this is my casting of the books. One thing that I hate in movies is when they have a 25+ year old playing a 16-year-old, so most of the teenagers in the book are casted with actual teenagers (which is why I haven’t cast Tom Holland as Bear – even though that would be amazing). This is just the main 4, let me know if you agree with me (or who you think would be better as these characters)


Alexandra Jennings – Millie Bobby Brown

Jordan Sparker – Ty Simpkins

Bear Ronnigan – Gaten Matarazzo

Delucia Cavelle (Dix) – Sadie Sink

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inky State Library Victoria

Ah I agree, Millie Bobby Brown would be perfect as Alex Jennnings! Have you seen her in Enola Holmes yet, the adaptation of Nancy Springer's series that came out at the end of last year?

7th Jan, 21